Parent Biographies
Chester is our male from Helen Downing's Family Love Kennels located in Southern California. He is a 3rd generation, was whelped on December 31, 2007 and weighs 12 lbs.
His sire and dame are Connor and Casey. He lives with my parents as their pet, but he's our little stud! He is a miniature size red male with thick, curly hair and loads of personality. He is AKC provable and available for stud services. If you are interested in getting more information about him, please contact me.
Sydney  is my little baby. She was our first Cockapoo and is the reason why we are breeders. She is a 3rd generation, was whelped on May 27, 2006 and weighs 20 lbs. She is a standard sized, Blue Merle with full curl hair. She is a great mom and loves having puppies. She is eager to play and greets all our guests with a smile on her face. She is currently retired, but loves playing with Brittany's pups.
Brittany  is from our very first litter with Sydney and Stew's Poos Tail Blazer. She is a 4th generation, was whelped on July 12, 2008. and weighs 12 lbs. She is a miniature sized Chocolate Merle and is very loving. Her goal in life is to please us. She is very playful and loves spending time with her family.

Pictures of Chester, our stud.
Brittany, our miniature Blue Merle Momma
 Sydney, our standard Blue Merle Momma